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My Aloha Paddle & Surf
  • Overview
  • My Aloha Paddle Sports and Fitness is growing rapidly on Lake Norman! We offer kayak rentals, stand up paddle board rentals, individual or group lessons, and Stand Up Paddle Boards and Paddles Sales. “Lake Norman is ideal for paddle boarding,” Mr. Bennett said, because of its numerous coves and no-wake zones. The sport should be more popular here than it is, he said. And after just two months in business, already he’s seeing it catch on. "I'm more of an 'average Joe' than a 'gym guy,' paddle boarding is a full-body workout that is actually fun", he said. “It’s the perfect thing – you get to be on the water, you get exercise, and it’s fun,” he said, “and there’s a serenity about it. What else can you do that can give you all these different benefits?” he said. Often, people are hesitant to try stand-up paddle boarding because they think it’s too hard, Mr. Bennett said, but he fits the profile of an average customer, he said, and is proof that anyone can do it. And for those that want to try, My Aloha offers lessons as well as rentals.