Since 2016, Visit Lake Norman has run an annual photo contest, sharing some of the best moments of the lake ever captured. This year's photo contest will be open October 15 - November 15, so get your camera ready to #CaptureLKN! All entries that use the #CaptureLKN on Instagram will automatically be counted as an entry. So to keep us inspired, we've decided to re-showcase the previous winners! Shall we start from the beginning?

2016 Winning Entries

Photo Contest

1st Place - Maureen Russell


Amy Cosner 2016 Photo Contest 2nd Place

2nd Place - Amy Cosner


Diane Fulton 2016 Photo Contest 3rd Place

3rd Place - Diane Fulton


2017 Winning Entries

Justin Potter

1st Place - Justin Potter


Feb Sunset

2nd Place - Serge Skiba


Ted Chaffman Jetton Park

3rd Place - Tedd Chaffman


2018 Winning Entries

A Photo Finish 2

1st Place - Fred Cerbini


A Photo Finish 6

2nd Place - Jill Martin


A Photo Finish 5

3rd Place - Lauren Antanaitis


2019 Winning Entries

A Photo Finish 3

1st Place - Jennifer Adams 


A Photo Finish 4

2nd Place - Eric Alter


A Photo Finish 1

3rd Place - Fred Cerbini

Pretty amazing, right? And it's all thanks to our followers and winners for sharing their moments with us! You don't need to be a professional photographer to win, sometimes all it takes is a phone and being in the right spot at the right time. There aren't a limit of images you can submit, so if you're having trouble choosing one of several, just go ahead and submit them all! We'll be happy to take all into consideration. So again, our photo contest can't be done without your participation, so we really want to thank all of you who've participated in the past, especially our winners!

2016 Winners

A Photo Finish 7


2017 Winners

A Photo Finish 8


2018 Winners

A Photo Finish 9


2019 Winners

A Photo Finish 10


2020 could be YOU!

Feeling inspired yet? Well, if you need a little motivation to snap some photos, there are very nice rewards awaiting the top 3 winners! Prizes include VISA gift cards, canvas prints of the winning image, and a variety of Lake Norman merchandise. You'll also be featured in the next publication of the Lake Norman Official Visitors Guide. To enter this year's contest, you can submit your photo(s) one of three ways: on our Facebook photo contest app, using the #capturelkn on Instagram, or submitting them on our photo contest page here! Good luck!