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Sex With Strangers by Laura Eason (writer of House of Cards)
  • Olivia is an attractive, talented and under-appreciated mid-career writer just one big step away from success. Ethan is a hot young writer whose online journals about his "sexcapades" with strangers have become the buzz of the blogosphere. When the two meet, the chemistry is electric. A one-night-stand turns into dating and dating into something much more complicated. As their literary futures become intimately intertwined, both writers confront who they are, what they really want and how much they are willing to change to get it.

    Playwright Laura Eason is a staff writer for the Netflix series “House of Cards.” Her sensuous and provocative comedy about fame, cyber identity, and the desire for intimacy and respect is a break-out hit that has gotten rave reviews all over the country. Eason seductively explores the timely question: what transpires when our online and offline identities intersect and our private lives become public domain?

Sex With Strangers by Laura Eason (writer of House of Cards)
  • 9216-A Westmoreland Road
  • Cornelius, NC 28031
  • Dates vary between August 25, 2018 - September 1, 2018
  • The Warehouse Performing Arts Center
  • $20 for regular $15 for senior/student