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The Emerald Necklace
  • 8480 Magnolia Estates Drive/Cornelius, NC 28031
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  • The Emerald Necklace is a 13+ mile loop that will encircle Cornelius and provide connections to Davidson and Huntersville. The trailhead for Phase II is located off Magnolia Estates Drive, which is near the Publix at the intersection of W. Catawba Avenue and Jetton Road. Pro-tip: If using GPS, the closest established address is 8480 Magnolia Estates Drive, Cornelius, NC 28031. When complete, pedestrians and cyclists will be able to navigate the entire circumference of the town through a network of paths, greenways and paved paths Completed trails: - 8.4 miles or 60 percent of the Emerald Necklace is complete including the Antiquity Greenway - 1.5 miles of McDowell Creek Greenway from Westmoreland Rd to Birkdale - 2.6 miles of Caldwell Station Creek Greenway from Hwy. 21 at the Cornelius town line to Hwy. 115 and Bailey Rd - 1.3 miles of multi-use trail on Bailey Rd from Hwy. 115 to Hough High School - 2.3 miles of South Prong Rocky River Greenway along the Cornelius/Davidson town line from Bailey Springs subdivision to Davidson Elementary School on South St.