Around 100 million Americans go boating each year and it's a number that has only continued to grow. Lake Norman has plenty of lake for people to enjoy a boat ride. No boat? No problem. There are a variety of companies you can contact to rent a boat and jet ski. Some will even offer tubes and skis if you're really into watersports and others that come with captains for those who don't have their boaters license. We've put together this guide for you to learn the basics of renting a boat in Lake Norman so that when you plan on visiting, you'll be ready to go for a ride.

Tubing on Lake Norman

Wakeboarding boat

Boaters License 101

Before you take on the lake, make sure someone in your traveling group has taken the North Carolina Boater Safety Course. Any person born on or after January 1, 1988 must complete a NASBLA approved boating education course before operating any vessel propelled by a motor of 10 HP or greater. A boaters license is not required for people born before 1988, but it is recommended. If no one has a boaters license, don't worry, we've listed places that offer captains with their boat rentals below. For those who have the time to take lessons, Expert Boat Lessons by Capt. Andy is a great way to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of boating, specifically on Lake Norman. 


Captained Boat Rentals

There are a few different places you can call to secure a boat rental with a captain. If you'd like to bar hop on the lake, then Party Pontoon has you covered! They'll take you around a few different bars and restaurants. As you cruise around, Captain Kevin will give you a rundown on the history of the lake. You can also check out our blog if you'd like to learn about the lake's history ahead of time. You're able to pack your own cooler with beer & wine if you'd like to make a stop at one of the popular sand bars. Their boat can accommodate up to 25 passengers and even has designated reservation times if you'd like to book a sunset cruise.

Ride LKN

Cornelius Pontoon Rentals provides a great experience to get on the lake with a captain driving the boat. They will deliver the boat and meet you at Blythe Landing because of its ideal location. Gas, snacks, water, and ice is included with every reservation. For the kiddos or even adults, water noodles will be provided. 4 hour and full-day reservations are available. 

77 Watersports offer boat tours Monday through Thursday and rates start at $300 for two hours. If you'd like to double your ride time, it will include a stop at one of the area's waterfront restaurants. The price does not include the food, so don't forget your wallet. 

Carolina Boat Rentals is another place to call if you'd like to hire a captain with your boat rental. Their captain will meet you at Ramsey Creek Park or Blythe Landing and is available 7 days a week from 8am-8pm. Prices include gas and refreshments to cool down and munch on while you're out on the water. Tubes are available to rent along with your boat and you can make a stop at the famous Lake Norman Sand Bar if you would like to take a short dip in the lake.

If you're not an avid skier or wake surfer, Ride LKN offers personalized lessons to get you up and riding! If you're looking to take your surf game to the next level, then they'll show you professional-level tricks. Do they offer boat rentals? Of course, Ride LKN has captained boat rentals that come with tubing and wakeboards.

Carolian Cruising Charter

Carolina Cruising Charters offers luxury boat rentals for up to 10-12 guests per boat and can be reserved for 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 hours. Charters are captained by USCG Master Captains so you can simply enjoy the boat ride. The most recent famous guests of Carolina Cruising Charters include the gang of Jersey Shore who came to Lake Norman for their Family Vacation Series.


Non-captained Boat Rentals

For those who have completed a boating education course, you'll have several more options to call and secure your boat rental.  A boat rental that stands out from most is Cajun Carolina Adventures located in Cornelius. Because of the double decker water slide and wet bar, this boat offers plenty of fun for people of all ages. In addition to half and full day rentals, you're able to make multi-day reservations making it an ideal choice to call if you're planning to visit for several days. Their 25 foot boat can hold up to 12 people and can come with pull toys and water mats if you request ahead of time. Cajun Carolina will meet customers at Blythe Landing for drop-off and pick-up. 

Also located in Cornelius, Crown Boat Rentals offers a pontoon to rent for up to 10 people. The minimum rental age for this place is 21 and captains must watch their boat safety video. Tip #1: Rental rates are typically cheaper on weekdays. 

Safe Harbor Marinas at Kings Point also have their own supply of boats to rent. Similar to Cajun Carolina Adventures, Safe Harbor has a double decker pontoon boat that comes with a slide as well as a tritoon that has plenty of power to go tubing. Tube rentals are an additional cost. The tritoon can hold 10 people and the double decker can hold 16 people! Because of their popularity, we recommend giving them a call ahead of your visit to secure your rental.

Non-captained boat rentals are also offered by What's Up Watersports and Carolina Boat Rentals

Please contact the business directly to find out their specific requirements for drivers.

Tip #2: Based on previous visitor's experience and during the shoulder seasons, it's recommended to bring a sweatshirt because it can feel chilly once you're on the lake. Shop our LKN-branded sweatshirts!

Party Pontoon


Jet Ski Rentals

If you're looking for an extra bit of fun on the lake, then you'll want to consider renting a jet ski. Carolina Boat Rentals also offer jet ski rentals in addition to their captained pontoon rentals. Jet skis are not permitted on Lake Norman at night for safety reasons, so you'll have to return the jet skis before it gets dark. For those couples who will be supervised by a little one, Cannon Water Adventures offer rentals that can hold 2 adults and 1 child per jet ski. 

Just a couple exits north from Davidson, Lake Norman Jet Ski Rentals open their rental season on April 1. You need to be at least 21 to book your rental and be able to meet at Queen's Landing to launch onto the lake. They will provide everyone that will be operating the jet ski with an orientation which includes a how-to on operating and a rundown on NC boating laws and regulations. What's Up Watersports offer jet ski rentals that can be delivered just about anywhere on Lake Norman. You can book them for a couple hours to multiple days. 


We hope after reading this you come out feeling comfortable on how to go about renting a boat or jet ski on Lake Norman. To view a comprehensive list of boat and jet ski rental companies all around Lake Norman, please visit the Lake Rentals page. You will see the appropriate phone number on each listing so you can call them directly for info on pricing and availability. When you go for a boat ride, be sure to tag us in your photos on social media @VisitLakeNorman!