Loch Norman Highland Games

April 20-21, 2024

Scotland is the land of mountain wilderness known for its vibrant cultural scene. Wherever you go in Scotland, you can find the beat of a music festival, the adrenaline of an outdoor adventure, and the experience of a breathtaking culture. Scotland may be 3,646 miles away, but on April 20-21, 2024, you can hear the bagpipes roar at the Loch Norman Highland Games in Lake Norman.

Historic Rural Hill hosts an exciting array of events yearly to create a popular, family-friendly weekend that celebrates Scottish history and culture with unique entertainment. Take a few steps back in time with us to witness skilled Blacksmiths and a Wood Wright demonstrating their craft. Then, you can show off your skills through a hands-on experience where visitors can participate in rope making, candle dipping, and drill demonstrations.

Loch Norman Highland Games

Loch Norman Highland Games Band

The Loch Norman Highland Games provide additional entertainment for the family. The heavy athletics are nothing short of small. Watch the professional athletes compete to set other world records. Seven traditional Scottish events test the strength of world-ranked professional heavy athletes, along with longbow and battle axe competitions.

Highland dancing is another beloved performance at this festival. It requires great stamina and is known for meticulous and aggressive movements. Traditionally, these dances were performed by men before and after battle. Another type of dancing displayed at the event is Scottish country dancing, which consists of two lines of dancers, men on one side facing women on the other.

As promised, you will feel the vibrations of authentic Scottish music rumble through the festival grounds. Scottish bagpipes and drums symbolize the Great Highland community and are accompanied by performances by The Steel City Rovers. This band uniquely combines traditional Celtic music and North American styles, including bluegrass, folk, and roots. Six bands and musicians will take on the stage, performing various Scottish and Celtic music.

Loch Norman Highland Games Food Truck

Take a leisure walk around the informational tents that display Scottish family history throughout the festival and watch the Parade of Tartans. Grab a pint and an order of bangers and mash and shop around the local vendors. Anyone, Scottish or not, can appreciate a weekend full of exciting culture here!

The working farm at Rural Hill is also home to Scottish cows that showcase Scotland a step further. The sheepherding events are also popular to mark on the event timeline. Visitors from all over the country are often in town for a weekend full of music, dancing, family, friends, and food.

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