Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games

Hear the bagpipes roar each year in April at the Scottish Festival & Loch Norman Highland Games at Historic Rural Hill. An exciting array of events come together to create this popular family friendly weekend that celebrates the Scottish history and culture with unique entertainment of the Highlands. Visitors from all over the country are often in town for a weekend full of music, dancing, family, friends and food.

From traditional Highland dancing and pipe bands to whisky tasting to heavy athletic competitions, plenty of activities are offered to fill the weekend at the festival. The working farm at Rural Hill is also home to Scottish cows that showcases Scotland a step further. The sheepherding events are also popular to mark on the event timeline.  

The Loch Norman Highland games provide additional entertainment for the family. The heavy athletics are nothing short of small. Watch the professional athletes compete to set additional world records. 

Take a leisure walk around the informational tents that display Scottish family history throughout the festival and watch the Parade of Tartans. Grab a pint and an order of bangers and mash and shop around the local vendors. Anyone, Scottish or not can appreciate a weekend full of exciting culture at the Scottish Festival!


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