Rural Hill

Explore Lake Norman’s exciting working farm, nature preserve, event space and cultural event site at Historic Rural Hill! The historic farm showcases over 250 years of local Scottish heritage. Rural Hill was home to three generations of the Davidson family, which settled there in the mid-1700s to create a working cotton plantation. Nestled on 265 acres is the farm, historic cabin and cultural center which hosts educational programs and a variety of special events. Book a wedding in the cultural center that overlooks the grounds. You'll have everything needed when dancing underneath the stars on the walkout patio and under the hanging lights. You can close your eyes and imagine what life was like on the farm with the wood burning stove, hammering of the blacksmith and smells cooking over an open fire.

The grounds of Rural Hill serve as event space for many exciting annual events throughout the year including:

When in town check out the calendar to be sure you aren't missing any of the exciting events.

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