Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How big is Lake Norman?
A: Lake Norman is 34 miles long, covers 32,750 acres with a shoreline of 520 miles extending over Mecklenburg, Iredell, Catawba, and Lincoln. The average depth is 25 feet with deepest point being over 110 feet 

Q: Why was Lake Norman created?
A: Completed in the 1960's, Lake Norman is the largest of 11 reservoirs in the Catawba River built by Duke Power to supply energy to new industries in the growing region. It was named for Norman Atwater Cocke, a longtime Duke Power company president. Lake Norman is host to three power stations: Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station, Marshall Steam Plant - Duke Power's second largest coal-burning plant, and McGuire Nuclear Station.

Q: Where can I go see the lake?
A: The best places are: Jetton Park, Ramsey Creek Park, Latta Nature Preserve, Davidson Nature Preserve, Blythe Landing or Lake Norman State Park

Q: Where can you stay directly on the lake?
A: While none of our area hotels are directly on the water, they are located along I-77, and most are 5-10 minutes from the water.

Q: Where can you go swim on Lake Norman?
A: Ramsey Creek Park or Lake Norman State Park. Call for hours and fees.

Q: For a family with children, what are some things to do that you recommend?
Frankie's Fun Park, Discovery Place KIDS, Escape 109, Lake Norman Mini Golf, Urban Air Adventure Park, Carolina Raptor Center/Quest, Sparetime Bowling and RideLKN

QWhat are the waterfront parks?
A: Jetton Park, Ramsey Creek Park, and Blythe Landing.

Q: Are there any places I can go fishing?
Ramsey Creek Park, Jetton Park, Latta Nature Preserve, Robbins Park, Stump Creek, or Lake Norman State Park. Read our Guide to Fishing blog here for more info.

Q: Where can I go for bike trails?
Randall R. Kincaid trail, Davidson greenways, the Emerald Necklace, the Huntersville Vine, Latta Nature Preserve

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Yes, click here for a list of Pet Friendly Hotels, Pet Services, Pet Daycare and Dog Parks.

QAre there campgrounds around Lake Norman?

A: Yes, read our blog on nearby campgrounds. 

Coast Guard Information

QWho helps regulate safe boating on Lake Norman?
A: The Coast Guard Auxiliary assists the local law enforcement, fire departments, and rescue groups, providing safety patrols, Search and Rescue, and crowd management at events and during the week. Also assist stranded boaters in getting to the closest safe harbor, and advising boaters of safety violations. Go to for more information.

  • Safe Boating Classes/Vessel Inspections - Coast Guard Auxiliary (17-06 & 17-08) 704-663-8333 or
  • Lake Norman Power Squadron -
  • Boater Safety Classes - The Auxiliary offers Boater Safety Classes to the public. With the new laws coming into affect in 2010 boaters under 26yrs are required to attend a Boater Safety Class in order to drive a boat or jet ski on Lake Norman.
  • Marina Visits - The Auxiliary works closely with Marinas to help them make sure their boats have all the correct documentation and safety equipment on them to operate on Lake Norman. Also does safety checks for the marina on pollution and hazardous waste.
  • Vessel Exams - Provides the public with FREE vessel exams. This is a pass or fail exam, and there are no FINES involved. We do this to make sure boaters can go out on the lake and know what equipment and statutes they need to follow. Upon passing the exam, we give the boater a VSD (Vessel Safety Decal) this decal tells other out there that the boat has been inspected and passed all safety requirements for Lake Norman. VE Days are held upon request (usually 2-3 per year) at most of the marinas, water front restaurants, and landings on Lake Norman.