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The Range at Lake Norman
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  • Located in Cornelius, the high-tech shooting range is unique for a number of reasons.The Range will offer classes on self-defense, first-aid, concealed-carry training, hunter safety and more. The high-tech range has 15 lanes for people to hone their shooting skills and also features a training simulator where teams of shooters, armed with either an electronic M4 assault rifle, a Glock handgun, a revolver, Tazer or pepper spray can take part in extremely realistic training simulations in high-definition “There are only five simulators in commercial ranges like this in the country,” said one of the range’s co-owners, David Stukbauer. “It is only typically used by foreign embassies, military and law enforcement.” The simulator has more than 200 real life scenarios that include an active shooter in malls or schools scenarios and VIP protection scenarios. The simulator will be available for children to use with parental guidance, said Stukbauer. Facility serves the community not only by giving residents a place to safely use their handguns, but also a place where people can come to be educated about all aspects of firearm safety.It is the first solar-powered shooting range in the U.S., generating a large portion of its own power from a string of 21 solar panels fixed on the structure’s roof. The Range also is the first shooting range in the state owned by women, Tricia Sisson and Trish Stukbauer.