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Wind Sculpture
  • 325 Concord Road/Davidson, NC 28035
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  • Yinka Shonibare's Wind Sculpture (SG) I debuted in New York in 2018, and found it's permanent home installed at Davidson College in front of E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center. The Wall Center, which Rodgers Builders constructed, not only serves as premier real estate on campus for Shonibare's work, but connects strikingly to the ideas behind the piece and to Rodgers's motivation in bringing it to campus. The piece stretches upward 23 feet and appears to defy gravity. Wind Sculpture (SG) I is the latest in a series of large fiberglass works the artist began creating in 2013. The piece displays cross-cultural themes through it's upwardly expanding swirl of turquoise, red and burnt orange. Shonibare, a veteran sculptor who has done ambitious installations and gallery exhibits, also has displayed his Nelson's Ship in a Bottle for the 2010 Fourth Plinth Commission at Trafalgar Square in London. His Wind Sculpture VII was installed permanently outside the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in 2016. Onlookers heard from the artist himself at the debut.