What you can expect throughout the year in Lake Norman are four distinct seasons that make visiting the Piedmont region of North Carolina a great idea. Not sure what to pack? See the list below each season so you’re always prepared.

Summer at the lake is what it’s all about. Take advantage during the summer months to enjoy waterfront restaurant and let the lake be your playground for the rest of the day while enjoying temperatures ranging mid 80’s to 90’s.

What to pack: Tank tops, sundresses, skirts, shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen and sandals.

Fall is a gorgeous time to be in Lake Norman. With temperatures slowly cooling from the summer months ranging from mid-50’s to high 60’s, you’ll want to be out and about at all of the fall events. Check the Fall Foliage Prediction Map to better prepare for your trip and try to catch the peak color each year.

In the winter, you may be surprised that being in the central area of the state and southeast of the mountains that winters aren’t too harsh. With average temperatures from high 30’s to 50’s. You can’t rule out the occasional flurry or icy mix.

What to pack: Winter coats, gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters and long pants or leggings.

When April rolls around and you see the budding cherry blossoms, you know spring is in the air. Spring is a very pleasant time around the lake, and a comfortable walk at a waterfront park is recommended as temperatures range from upper 50’s to upper 70’s.

What to pack:  Light rain jackets, capris, cardigans, shorts or skirts.

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