The entire Lake Norman region is rich in history, but what sets Huntersville apart from the rest of the area is its origins. Established in 1873 and originally named Craighead, the town of Huntersville was the first official Lake Norman town. There are several historical buildings that still stand today, one being the Old Huntersville Town Jail located near Veterans Park at Main and Maxwell, so lets take a deeper look!

The Building

via Lee Sullivan

It took more than five years and lots of help to keep this piece of Huntersville history intact. The building is 600 square feet and is the oldest building in town living since the 1930s. It is now a small museum that brings people back in time when it used to be the holding area for those who broke the law.

The Jail Cell

Room for two: one of the two holding cells contained in the steel block that dominates the old jail's interior.Lee Sullivan

via Lee Sullivan

The Old Huntersville Town Jail was an important part of historical development and law enforcement in Mecklenburg County during the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1920-30s a drinking probation was placed to keep crime down. This did the exact opposite committing more crime than every. Huntersville was a hotspot for crime and most accounts were incarceration involving alcohol. Even though the town voted to keep drinking down, Huntersville was still one of the top places in North Carolina for alcohol consumption.

The Restoration

via Lee Sullivan

The Old Huntersville Jail was used for nearly 30 years before becoming a storage building. It was in very poor condition until The Olde Huntersville Historic Society grabbed some volunteers and began to work. The volunteers helped protect and restore the building because of its important history in Huntersville. 

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