Lake Rentals

There are many places to rent boats, jet skis, paddle boards and more. Check out the listings and contact the businesses directly for pricing and booking. There is a high demand during the peak summer season so we recommend planning ahead. More Resources

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A Historical Drive Around Lake Norman

Lake Norman has an abundance of historical sites and landmarks one can visit and learn about. Whether you're a long-time resident or planning a trip, we've put together our first historical drive checklist that will guide you to the popular historical sites the area has to offer. So buckle up, and…

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Black History in Lake Norman

Black History Month has been celebrated since the 1970s when President Gerald Ford formally recognized the celebration of black culture and community during the US Bicentennial. It's important to learn about this part of American history so we'll take a closer look into the towns of Cornelius…

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Diving In: Huntersville's Historical Restaurants

The town of Huntersville is rich in history that can still be seen today, whether it's a historical attraction like the Latta Plantation and Rural Hill or even a restaurant. For those of you who enjoy going to historical places, we encourage you to check out the spots below that offer great food and…

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Diving In: Beaver Dam Historic Home

When people think of historical attractions near Lake Norman, one might think about the Historic Latta Plantation or Rural Hill. Not many people may know, but there is another property that has deep roots to the area, specifically the town of Davidson. We'll take a closer look at one of the area's…

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Diving In: Oak Street Mill

Cornelius has a ton of history to it and one of its popular shopping places is the Oak Street Mill. When you enter the building you immediately step back in time with a huge collection of antiques and…

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