COVID-19 Updates

Effective as of April 30: North Carolina will end mask mandate for outdoors only. Face masks will still be required in indoor public places. Retail/salons/museums remain open at 100% capacity. Restaurants/amusement parks/gyms/pools remain open at 75% capacity indoors and 100% outdoors. More Resources

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Supporting Asian Restaurants in Lake Norman

The culinary scene in Lake Norman features a blend of different cultures providing residents and visitors with a chance to take their taste buds abroad. In this blog, we'll highlight several of the delicious Asian restaurants our area has to offer. This will give you names of places you've heard of…

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6 Recent Restaurant Openings

The culinary scene in the lakside of Charlotte has seen several new restaurants open their doors within the last couple months. From top-notch roadside burgers and hand-made pizza to mouthwatering bbq and pies, we've got the rundown on new eateries to check out. So before you get more cravings, lets…

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Top 10 Restaurant Reviews

Googling places to eat and finding a spot with great reviews has become the new norm, so we've gone ahead and did the homework for you. We’ve compiled a list of Top 10 restaurants for our three towns according to Yelp & Trip Advisor reviews. Go ahead and start comparing the lists and essentially…

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Diving In: Huntersville's Historical Restaurants

The town of Huntersville is rich in history that can still be seen today, whether it's a historical attraction like the Latta Plantation and Rural Hill or even a restaurant. For those of you who enjoy going to historical places, we encourage you to check out the spots below that offer great food and…

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10 Cocktail Destinations for a Night Out

Cheers! Everyone loves a good night out and whether you’re more of a martini fan or a wine connoisseur, we’ve got you covered with this list of favorites. Due to COVID-19, North Carolina is allowing restaurants and bars to carry-out and delivery mixed beverages until January 31, 2021. Remember to…

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8 Places to Warm up Around LKN

As it chills down we want to make sure you fight back with these coffee shops to stay warm. There are plenty of cozy places to check out, so we've highlighted each one in the lakeside of Charlotte below just for you! 77 Grounds Coffee Located in the heart of Davidson, 77 Grounds is a laidback…

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Lake Norman Dining: Davidson Wine Company

Lake Norman has its share of delights - great food and drinks among them! And behind every business is a team of our neighbors sharing their time, effort, and expertise with us. In this series, we'd like to introduce you to the minds behind our community restaurants, breweries, and wineries in…

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Lake Norman International Foodie Itinerary

The culinary scene in the Lake Norman area provides a variety of delicious chef-driven plates. Although global travel has been discouraged to promote safety during COVID-19, we've put together an international foodie experience that you can enjoy at Lake Norman! Whether you're a resident or planning…

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Lake Norman Holiday Beers

The holidays is a time for family, friends, and traditions - and craft beer definitely can't be forgotten! Fortunately, the breweries in town have us covered, so we've got a list of some holiday brews…

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