The holidays is a time for family, friends, and traditions - and craft beer definitely can't be forgotten! Fortunately, the breweries in town have us covered, so we've got a list of some holiday brews to keep an eye out for this year! 

Ass Clown Brewing


My First Christmas Ass Clown


My First Christmas | ABV 7.8%

This imperial brown ale has notes of sweetness and spice, making it the ideal beer for the holidays or drinking by the fire. 


Ass Clown Peppermint Stout


Dark Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Stout | ABV 7.2%

Ass Clown's Dark Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Stout has light peppermint notes along with a rich, dark chocolate flavor that makes this seasonal brew the perfect holiday staple. 

D9 Brewing Imperial Pumpkin Ale


Imperial Pumpkin Ale - Head of the Horsemen | ABV 10%

A stunningly big malt body with just the right amount of pumpkin and spice.

D9 Brewing German Chocolate Stout


German Chocolate Cake | ABV 8%

This coconut pecan stout from D9 Brewery has notes of dark chocolate, coconut, vanilla and malt for a surprisingly light finish.


Holidaze Christmas Ale | ABV 8.5%

Described as "Christmas in a glass", this holiday ale has a solid malt backbone with hints of spices and honey. Cinnamon around the rim makes this drink the perfect end to a cold winter day. This special (one-keg) release of Kracken-infused Hoildaze is now on tap!

Eleven Lakes Holidaze Beer

Lost Worlds Emmer Beer


Blackberry Emmer Wheat

Lost Worlds took their double-award-winning Emmer American Wheat and added a hint of blackberries in the aroma and flavor just in time for Fall Biergarten sipping.


Old Hag Gingersnap Ale | ABV 6.5%

Get in the Christmas spirit with Primal Brewery's Old Hag Gingersnap Ale! With a strong ginger aroma and taste, this brew is reminiscent of one of Christmas' favorite cookies. This ale is rich and malty with hints of molasses. Ginger and spices combine for a taste perfect for the holiday season. 

What's your favorite holiday beer? If we missed one of your favorites, please comment down below and make sure to tag us on social media @VisitLakeNorman!

Old Hag Primal Brewing