With fall finally settling in to stay, it's time to start getting excited about the many seasonal brews Lake Norman has to offer. October is when craft beer season is at its peak! Below is a list of some of the seasonal selections of craft beer from the various breweries LKN has to offer. It's important to note all 5 breweries are taking proper social distancing guidelines to provide a fun yet safe environment! 

Ass Clown Brewing

Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale Ass Clown

Ass Clown's Pumpkin Ale is a soft, oat-based beer with organic pumpkin puree and a number of different spices added to the very end of the boil to make the perfect seasonal brew.

Hours of Darkness

Ass Clown lager

This American stout has hints of caramel, coffee, and chocolate notes for a burnt, malty finish that perfectly coincides with the fall season.

D9 Brewing

Ren Faire

Ren Faire D9

Part of D9 Brewery's Americana Series, this drink is a light, lilting wash on the palate, with honey sweetness and delicate notes of heather for a crisp, refreshing flavor perfect for fall.

Head of the Horseman - Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Imperial Pumpkin Ale D9

This imperial ale has a subtle spice with notes of pumpkin and malt. With a slightly hazy orange-amber body and lingering spicy and bready flavor, Head of the Horseman is sure to put you in the fall spirit.

Eleven Lakes Brewing

Across the Pond

Across the Pond Eleven Lakes

This English pale ale has a sweet, malty taste with notes of caramel for sweetness. With a rich malt character balanced by solid hop bitterness, this ale is perfect to enjoy by the fire.


Festbier Eleven Lakes

Enjoy Oktoberfest the right way with this German-inspired lager. With the perfect balance of toasted malts and hops and a remarkably clean finish, this beer is best to enjoy around the fire with friends. 

Lost Worlds Brewing

Squanto's Spiced Pumpkin Ale

Lost Worlds Fall Beer

Squanto’s Spiced Pumpkin Ale is pumpkin pie in a glass. Infusing pure pumpkin puree as well as the traditional spices of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice into the mash births this autumn favorite.


Lost Worlds Oktoberfest

This Marzen-style beer is light brown with a slight orange/reddish hue in color. It has a very nice lightly toasted bready malt character that is complimented with a subtle noble hop-type character of Zuper Saazer hops.

Primal Brewery

Devil's Gas

Devil's Gas Primal

This rye India Pale Ale is described as pumpernickel bread in a pint glass! Made with dark roasted malts and caraway seeds, this dark ale has hints of caramel, rye, and oatmeal that creates an earthy, hoppy profile with a bitter finish.

Pump-A-Licious Pumpkin Ale

Pumpalicious Ale Primal

This fall ale has notes of pumpkin, nutmeg, and clove to set up the perfect taste of fall in one easy sip.

Primalfest Märzen

Primalfest Marzen

Primalfest Märzen is a full-bodied festival beer is a perfect amber color with notes of grain, malt, and herb with a subtle Noble style hops. 

Why not start off fall with a brew and get in the spirit with these delicious seasonal ales and stouts? Be sure to tag @visitlakenorman in all your fall brewery outings!