Need a restaurant the whole family will love? If you're having a hard time deciding where to go, here are 10 restaurants that are family-friendly. Even the kids will want to come back!

1. Crafty Burg'r n' Tap


With freshly made burgers, nostalgic sandwiches like grilled cheese and fried bologna, and hot dog varieties to choose from, Crafty Burg'r gives that casual, classic American environment. Kids under 8 eat for $1.99 with adults. And their fenced in-patio makes this restaurant pet-friendly.

2. Fusion Bowl


Craving Asian? From bento boxes to sushi, Fusion Bowl will satisfy that food craving. Adults and kids can make their own fusion bowls, with kids under 9 eating at $2.25 when you dine-in on Mondays and Saturdays.

3. Hawthorne's Pizza


Hawthorne’s Pizza serves wings, pasta, calzones, and more. With a variety of toppings and specialty pizzas to choose from, families can find the perfect pizza to share. Kids can also choose from Hawthorne’s kids' menu and eat free on Tuesdays. There’s also gluten-free options.

4. Hello, Sailor

Hello, Sailor's Photo Booth - croppedHello, Sailor's Photo Booth

Looking for dinner with a view? This beautiful lake-front restaurant has delicious, chef-driven dishes and seafood for grown-ups. Kids can enjoy soft-serve ice cream and imagine the pirate’s life while wearing their free pirate eye-patches. While waiting for your meal, the family can capture moments from Hello, Sailor’s photo booth.

5. Jason's Deli


For more fresh options, sandwich-lovers should try Jason’s Deli. With soups, food bowls, sandwiches, and more, there’s a meal for everyone. Along with a vegetarian and gluten-sensitive menu, every meal comes with a free soft-serve ice cream ‘because everyone deserves dessert!’

6. Kindred Restaurant

The Little G himself - Gray Kindred@elizabeth.cecil

Want a nice night out? Take the family to Kindred in Davidson. While you order from their upscale menu, the children can enjoy the kid-friendly menu. And the free playdough offered there, makes for an entertaining time.

7. Mac Speed Shop & BBQ

Come enjoy the casual atmosphere and BBQ that Mac Speed Shop has to offer. You can find live music every Wednesday and Saturday. And every Tuesday after 5pm is kids night, where their meals cost $2.49 with adult purchase.

8. North Harbor Club

While parents can order from North Harbor Club’s new American fine-dining menu, kids can enjoy fun menu options. Order your kid an "I DON’T KNOW," which includes chicken fingers and fries, or an "I’M NOT HUNGRY" hamburger. This creative menu will have picky eaters finally meeting their match.

9. The Soda Shop

Soda Shop - front


Travel back in time by dining at the Soda Shop! This café was built in 1951 and still serves delicious, old-fashion meals from its original and timeless environment. From Mini Corn Dogs to PB & J, kids have many classic meals to choose from. And don’t forget Soda Shop’s large variety of floats, sundaes, old-fashioned milkshakes, and of course, sodas.

10. 760 Craft Works

760 Crafts Works


Along with their array of alcoholic beverages, 760 Craft Works also has a rotation of food trucks. Each day has a different truck and menu from yesterday. And families can also walk with their kids to Holbrook Park and run around the playground.

Any pick is sure to make the family hungry. Let us know how you and your family like these restaurants and tag us @VisitLakeNorman.