Explore the Hugh Torance House and Store, where history meets today in a unique way. It's more than just a blast from the past—this place goes beyond teaching about Hugh Torance. It's a hub for the community, mixing old stories with new adventures. Come and see how they're keeping history alive while making it fun for everyone!


While very few buildings from the 1800s are still standing, the Hugh Torance House and Store is still going strong as the oldest surviving store in Mecklenburg County. It is operated by a private nonprofit that is dedicated to sharing the history of the site through the mission and vision of HEARTS, connecting the Store with the 1831 home of James Torrance, son of Hugh and Isabella Torance. The amount of history from this established historic attraction in Huntersville is timeless as it is by Revolutionary War soldier, Hugh Torance, and it still has its original floors!  Be sure to come for a guided tour to learn all about this property and the Torance Family. It may look like just a normal old house, but there is much more to this historic attraction in Huntersville.

Torence Store

Hugh Torence Ambassadors


HEARTS is the vision for the Hugh Torance house and it stands for History, Ecology, Arts, Reunion, Trails, and Store. Through utilizing these principles, the Hugh Torance House and Store accomplish its mission of connecting the Lake Norman area with our history at this historic property. HEARTS hosts all types of events, and the Store is the hub for all their events and offerings. 

Reunion Project

The Reunion Project is the "R" in HEARTS and provides a key component with the mission to connect descendants of this area. A darker part of our history here in Lake Norman is associated with the country's past history regarding slavery and a lot of family descendants were enslaved in this area. The Reunion Project is all about building community and connecting people with their past in order to build a better future. The Reunion Project has worked hard to make direct connections and is currently building collections specific to these communities and historic sites for African Americans in this region. The Reunion Project is also connecting the land with Native American Tribes and their ancestors by researching, collecting, and documenting their history in the area. 

Torence Family History

Torence House


The Hugh Torance House and Store is the hub for all social events by HEARTS and there are plenty of events hosted at the store. With plenty of things going on at the store and a wide variety of events you can be a part of! There is everything from guided tours to ghost hunts to much more that you don't want to miss out on. Check out the event calendar on their website to choose what event you want to be apart of!

The Hugh Torance House and Store is a special place of history, culture, inclusion, and a reminder of our past. Whether you come for a history lesson or for an event put on by H.E.A.R.T.S you are guaranteed to leave pleased on wanting to know more about this area we are so lucky to live in. Be sure to check out the Hugh Torance House and Store website for more information!