Whether it's through the hotels, parks, and recreation departments or the attractions and businesses in the area, tourism drives the economy. Lake Norman is a special place that we get to share with visitors and those visitors drive the economic success that has been booming in the area over the last few years. While the lake brings a tranquility like no other, it's the people who run the businesses who keep the people coming back for more and they are who we have to thank for the success the area has been grateful to witness over the last decade. 

Amanda Sloan

Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Cain Center 

The Cain Center has been the latest entertainment addition to an already flourishing downtown Cornelius scene.  The success of this venue has been a testament to the hard work and love for her community from Amanda Sloan. A graduate of both Davidson College and UNC Charlotte, Amanda has stayed loyal to her roots and has played a pivotal role in the growth of the area even back in her days working for Davidson College. We are thankful for Amanda's hard work in turning the Cain Center into the success story it has been in its short history! 


Cain Center

Christine Lawson

Christine Lawson 

Environmental Educator at the Quest Center

The Quest Center acts as a gateway to the nature of Lake Norman and acts as a sanctuary where visitors can come to appreciate and learn more about the nature that inhibits Lake Norman. Environmental Educators like Christine Lawson act as the frontline for visitors wanting to take in the nature that Lake Norman has to offer. From planning and developing educational curriculum for the youth in K-5 schools in the area as well as summer camps to providing visitors with information about the nature preserve, Christine is the front line to visitors and residents and she upholds a standard of excellence in how she portrays the community. 

Quest Center

Melissa Cuff

Director of Sales at the Homewood Suites

The hotel is one of the most important parts of a trip and the staff at the Homewood Suites in Davidson is well aware of that. The experience at the hotel can make or break the visitor's experience at a location and can dictate if they will ever be back. This is an important position to be in and it takes a special person with a special love of people and her community to be able to do an amazing job. Melissa has worked in the hospitality business in the area for several years and has gained a reputation for treating guests like family and assuring their trip to the area is as memorable as possible. 

Mellissa Cuff

Homewood Suites Davidson

Treating visitors in a hospitable fashion is important to the local economy. These three women display a love for people and a love for their community on a daily basis and have made this area better. Share your experiences with the people that make Lake Norman the welcoming place it is by tagging @visitlakenorman on Instagram and Facebook.