Frankie’s Fun Park is Lake Norman’s newest and largest summer attraction. The massive 20 acre amusement park is packed to the rim with three go-kart tracks,18 hole miniature golf course, and four full-size outdoor rides. The 84,000 indoor fun-center features 24 bowling lanes, full service restaurant & bar, private party room, laser tag, LED bumper cars, a 30ft. drop tower, and 120 different arcade games.


Welcome to Frankie's

The REAL fun starts when you get the chance to hit the track. The three custom go-kart tracks: The Drifter, The Slick Track, and The Road Course, provide a thrilling and fast-paced experience for racers of different ages (must be 16+) and skill sets. Our team competed on the “The Drifter” track and had an amazing time testing our speed and embracing our competitive nature. Are you brave enough to take a whirl on the Disk'o ride or a spin on teacups? The outside portion offers four outdoor amusement park rides that bring the excitement of Disney-world like attractions to the Huntersville area. Try out your luck on the 18-hole pirate themed miniature golf course, which is marked by beautiful landscaping and incredible detailing of each of the three course options. 

The Arcade and Hologate

Next, move the party indoors where you can experience the casino-like arcade scene full of bright lights and excited screams of victory.  Test your nerves on the 30 ft indoor drop tower, which was conveniently placed at the heart of the arcade. From the top of the tower, riders are able to catch a peripheral view of the entire indoor facility before the initial heart-racing drop. As if outdoor racing isn’t cool enough, Frankie’s offers an indoor bumper car arena that is brightly lit by neon lights and a high powered electric floor. The two newest additions to Frankie's Fun Park arcade are: The Dark Ride XD ( an immersive 3D  experience) and Hologate (a thrilling virtual reality experience.) 

Bumper cars

Check out the two dining options at Frankies are “Frankie’s Cafe”, a quick-service menu with open seating,  or “Frankie’s Chill Lounge” which boasts a full-service menu and large bar selection. Take a break and try a bite of one of the mouth- watering burgers or thirst-quenching (non-alcoholic) mixed drinks. The menu was crafted by Chef Jacques Larson who oversaw the preparation and creation of each dish.

Frankie's Cafe

During our trip to Frankie’s, the day started with a quick business meeting and catered lunch in the state-of-the-art private meeting room.The large meeting area comfortably accommodated our party of 20+ and came equipped with a project, a large screen, and a mini-bar. The room is conveniently located near the bowling alley and bar area in a secluded part of the indoor facility. The optimal location of the room allowed for easy access to the outdoor attractions and a great view of the tracks from inside. Another unique feature of the private meeting room is the optional dividers that can be used to separate the space into 3 individual rooms  in order to accommodate multiple parties at once.

Meeting room

A trip to Frankie’s Fun Park is sure to bring a smile to you and your fellow fun-seekers faces. Whether you’re looking for a place to test your skills on the mini golf course or the go-kart track, Frankie’s is the place to go for all of your entertainment and amusement needs! But, don’t take our word for it… start planning your next trip today


Meet Jason Printzenhoff

A special “Thank-you” to Jason Printzenhoff, the manager of Frankie’s Fun Park in Huntersville. Printzenhoff personally gave us a tour of the facilities and allowed our staff to enjoy a full day of fun exploring the area’s newest attraction. In his past 13 years in the industry he stated that this job was like no other. His favorite part of working at Frankie’s is that no 2 days are the same; whether it be a new ride, new people, or new experiences that keep each day interesting. He is most excited about the potential for growth in the Charlotte area and is looking forward to having new people come in (to Frankie’s) and enjoy themselves. When asked what has been the most rewarding part since the opening in November he responded, “The look on people’s faces, esp. the kids, when they step into the large building after seeing the rides from the road and not having any idea what they have walked into.” Jason and the rest of his staff at Frankie’s are excited to be a part of the Lake Norman community and look forward to meeting new guests in the near future.