If you're looking to learn something new, RideLKN Wake and Surf Co is for you! Their wakeboarding and wakesurfing lessons, tubing, private cruising charters, and kids' summer camps ensure there is something for everyone. World-class instructors, an incredible Mastercraft boat, and the beautiful lake are the recipe for the ultimate day on the lake. With the busy summer season, make sure to book enough time! Once you get the hang of it we can guarantee you'll want to stay out and keep trying. 

Weekday sessions are $225 per hour and weekends and holidays are $250 per hour. The lessons can range from 1-6 hours. For larger groups of 4-5 individuals, the half-day option (3 hours) is preferred. Your session includes:

  • A brand new 2022 MasterCraft Boat (X24, XT24, or XStar)
  • A captain/instructor
  • New gear from Liquid Force and Soulcraft Wakesurfing
  • Professional watersports instruction, and gas.

To add to their already amazing list of services, RideLKN also provides dock pick-ups from homes and vacation rentals in their designated zones for an additional cost. Your day will be custom-tailored based on your needs and wishes to ensure the best experience possible. The charters are set up to allow you to do as much or as little as you want while everything else is taken care of. If you're not looking to do intense watersports and just want to spend a fun day on the water, the cruising charters and tubing are perfect for a relaxing lake day. 

For more information and pricing call (704) 775-3775.

Our Experiences


Nick Jelliff 

Boat excursions with RideLKN are an absolute must this summer. Whether you are looking to cruise around the lake, go tubing, or learn how to wakesurf, wakeboard, or waterski, it is an amazing experience. We did a 3-hour captained boat ride with waterboarding and wakesurfing lessons. Martin and Justin were phenomenal guides who made our experience great. They were both very energetic and excited to teach us how to ride the waves. I have had many friends and family members try to teach me how to wakesurf and waterboard, but with no success. Martin and Justin made everything so easy and got me up within 10 minutes. I had an awesome time learning how to surf and wish we had an all-day boat rental. I highly recommend signing up for a full day on the water because they show you a great time and you will not want to leave. No matter what type of experience you are looking for on Lake Norman, RideLKN is the best of the best. 

Nick RideLKN

RideLKN Instructing


Taylor RideLKN

Taylor Perry

I was definitely nervous to try wake surfing. Before going out with RideLKN I had never had much success with watersports besides tubing and was always hesitant to keep trying. Despite my previous decision to not do it, I realized the opportunity to learn with experts was too good to pass up. RideLKN made the experience so easy and I found myself getting the hang of it almost immediately. Martin and Justin talked me through everything and were very encouraging. Getting up for the first time was an amazing feeling and it was so rewarding to try something new. I’m grateful for the chance to step out of my comfort zone and definitely recommend learning with an instructor to make for the best experience. Even if you think it’s something you won't enjoy like I did, I hope you’ll give it a try. You just might find yourself saying “just one more time” like I did!


Jennie Leng

This was my second excursion with RideLKN and it is always an amazing time with them. I'm not much of a water person -- I can't even swim..(when I do, I always have a life jacket on). So when it comes to watersports, I get extremely anxious. But Martin and Justin create such a friendly and fun atmosphere that pushes you out of your comfort zone and it turns into one of the best days you'll ever have. I only tried wakeboarding during my first outing with them, but this time, I got to wakesurf. Yes, there were a couple failed attempts, but it eases my mind knowing that the water will catch my fall. And after some encouragement and some simple tips from the instructors, I was up in no time gliding across the waters. And I definitely improved since the first time! For anyone interested in finding something new and fun to try, I would 100% recommend taking lessons from RideLKN. Whether you want to just try it once for fun or make it a hobby, you will absolutely love it out here!

RideLKN Jennie wakeboarding


RideLKN Cyndi

Cyndi Bartley

Though I have some experience in boating and watersports, I am no expert.  I felt more confident to try new things with the guidance from the Ride LKN team . I was so excited to share it with our summer marketing team and wish we could have been out a couple more hours longer. If you are hesitant to the amount of time to book, I'd recommend at least 4 hours with groups over 4 people. You don't want to cut your time short and wished you could have booked longer. Thanks again Ride LKN for having us and the amazing hospitality!

We hope you love learning with RideLKN as much we did and want to know about your experience. Be sure to share it with us on Facebook and Instagram @VisitLakeNorman and comment below!